Mapping Historical New York: A Digital Atlas

The Mapping Historical New York project is a multi-year effort at Columbia University to create an interactive, digital atlas of the historical residents of the city. The project focuses on New York’s immigration history, uncovering stories revealed through the spatial patterns of different immigrant communities over time. We are mapping each person recorded in historical censuses (1850, 1880, 1910, 1940) to their home address. The HNYC project is¬†funded by the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.

New Orleans Mortality Project

The New Orleans Mortality Project is an ongoing interdisciplinary project that is pushing the methodological frontier of digital humanities and historical research. This project combines quantitative and qualitative sources in an historical geographic information system (HGIS) to examine how the spatial and temporal patterns of health, environment, and socioeconomics impacted individual, community, and urban development in New Orleans, 1877-1915.